Mayport Navy Homecoming


August 3, 2020

Helen did such an amazing job as our photographer for my husbands homecoming! He was gone 8 months and it was really important for us to capture the first moments of us being together again. We felt so comfortable with her and she got great shots of our puppy we brought along as well. I highly recommend her for homecoming photos!! It’s wonderful to have another military spouse who understands what it’s like to have your other half be gone for so long! – Sarah Lerew

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There is a saying “you will never hold someone as tightly as the day they leave, and the day they come home.” I never truly understood the truth in that until I hugged my husband goodbye and welcomed him home.

This past week I captured this photo of Sarah & Jakes homecoming. And I kept thinking of that quote. The first thing Jake said to Sarah was “oh my god. It’s really you.” There truly is nothing better than that first hug. Later Jake apologized to me saying “sorry I just can’t stop holding her.” I just smiled because I understood. When your loved one first comes home there is part of you that isn’t sure it’s real, but you sure hope it is.

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