University of Florida Senior Photos

Senior Photos

July 23, 2020

“I had so much fun taking photos with Helen last week!! She is an amazing photographer and I cannot wait to use the photos for my food IG rebranding and graduation. Helen is professional and she knows how to make you feel comfortable and not awkward while you are getting your photos taken. I really liked how I was able to give Helen my input for different photos before and during the shoot. She understood the style I was going for and really nailed it! ” – Hannah

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It is funny how things workout. Hannah and I are old childhood friends. And we both live in Florida full time but the pandemic brought us back to Houston for a few months.

Hannah graduated from Pepperdine University, in California, with a bachelor of Nutritional Sciences. Then she went on to get her Masters at the University of Florida, in Gainesville. There she earned her degree in food science and human nutrition and she completed her dietetic internship. She was set to graduate this spring with her masters and had planned on taking graduation (senior) photos in Gainesville to celebrate.

When social distancing started and she ended up back in Houston she was disappointed that she would not be able to take photos in Gainesville but we decided to celebrate anyway. She dressed the most University of Florida themed dress she could find and her trusty UF bucket hat and we set out in Houston to take photos.

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